Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Learn Something New Day 4-6

Happy Wednesday!!!

I'm a bit behind on posting these. Below are my day 4, 5, and 6 for Shimelle's Learn Something New class. I'm having a ton of fun with this class, and using up alot of my stash. I've been pushing a little outside my norm with these pages (small pages equals easy to fill), and I'm working to translate this to my 12 x 12 pages.
This is my day 4 post. Today is a funny lesson. My hubby and I were at the Chili festival in New Mexico this weekend, and it turned out to be on a dirt lot. He looks at me and remarks that he shouldn't have worn his 'city' shoes. Well, first of all I didn't know that he owned a pair of city shoes (pictured in the page above), and second of all, I don't know what you would call a pair of city shoes (maybe my knee hi boots??). I went a little eyelet and rick rack crazy on this layout, but it works for me.
My lesson for 5 September - Sometimes you just need a break from the routine - time to relax and do something for yourself. This is a lesson for me about taking time from cleaning house or going to the gym, or anything else that I don't want to 100 percent do, and take time for a nap, or time to scrapbook and stamp, or do my other crafts. Used up two tags on this one. I stamped the top tag with a striped stamp I have, and the other tag is from a tag set that I really want to get used up.
Last one to share with you today. Lets just say I was a little frustrated with this lesson -replacing a toilet on my birthday :) The lesson was - 'Don't push down on the toilet until the screws are lined up - if you do, you've just earned yourself another trip to Home Depot.' Ok, so my hubby and I earned a trip to Home Depot courtesy of me. Who knew that when I stood up, I couldn't put any pressure on the toilet...doh!! I've had the green buckle on the bottom forever. It was part of a set on clearance (so of course I had to buy), and I just haven't used it. Well, the pieces that go with it are in my pile of things to get used up on this project.

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