Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our dog, and oh how cute, but oh how she tests my patience

My husband and I picked up a new dog (actually I did) at the end of June. I drove from Oklahoma to Arizona with her in the car as a 12 week old puppy. She started out at about 20 lbs, and now she is up to almost 50 lbs. She has alot more growing to do, but she has been incredibly adorable along the way. Just look how she has grown:
(This is her first night with me in the hotel room. She wouldn't move from under the sink. Look how cute, adorable, innocent, and quiet she is.)
(She somehow thought she could fit into her original crate. That crate was replaced the first week of July with a much bigger one. She's clearly outgrown it, but was determined to be in it none the less.)
(and this is her now, stretching almost all the way across the back seat in my SUV.)

With growth comes strength that she has not yet realized. She is a puppy in a 50 lb body, who has decided to do battle with our two 15 lb Shih tzu's at least daily. She has decided that she no longer knows her name, so therefore she doesn't have to look at me when I say her name, and that grabbing a rock in her mouth every time we go out the front is her new routine.

Ahh, the joys of being a parent to three dogs!!


Welcome to my site!!

I recently moved to Arizona a couple months ago, and am very happily settling into a new career. I was introduced to stamping over 10 years ago. I've always been into crafts, and picked back up with stamping a couple years ago. I love that I finally have the time to dedicate to my crafts, and that I'm able to share my ideas with everyone. I've seen myself grow in my creativity over the past couple years, and to those who say that they are not creative - don't believe it. Anyone can do this, and creativity doesn't happen overnight, it evolves as you learn more and more about the art of stamping. My husband is incredibly supportive as I put more time into my stamp designs and my scrapbooking.